Back to School

By this time, the kids are all back to school. That’s a good thing! This is the first year in a few that “pandemic worry” is not being talked about in the same sentence as “back to school”. Let’s praise God for that!

You know…as Christians we are all being continually schooled…not just the young people. Our Christian walk is a constant learning time. Even Saul was saved instantly, but his journey to becoming the Apostle Paul took some schooling time.

Saul was highly educated. He grew up in the Roman Province of Tarsus. His formal education included Greek philosophy and logic. When he was old enough, he studied at the feet of the well-known prestigious Rabbi Gamaliel. Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin and a card-carrying member of the Pharisee Party. He was a member of the Jewish leadership council in Jerusalem known as the Sanhedrin. But even as well educated as he was, after his meeting with Jesus and his conversion on the Damascus Road, Saul still needed to go back to school.

Saul had a lot to learn about Jesus and the Christian faith. Paul tells us himself in Galatians that before he could preach the Gospel to the Gentiles, he had to be schooled… and that started with 3 years of solitude with God in the Arabian desert… the same desert where Moses had spent time alone with God some 1600 years earlier. He went into the desert “old school Saul” (bitterness, hatred, scared); and he came out full of the Holy Spirit as a softer hearted Apostle Paul. He went into the desert with the Law, and came out with the book of Romans in his heart. God used the “University of Solitude” to change Saul to Paul. And then God sent Paul to be schooled by Peter and James.

The thing to note is: Until Paul passed from this life, he was continually being taught by the Holy Spirit. That same teaching is going on in all of us as long as we are breathing. When you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, you have to understand that the Holy Spirit is going to school you! How fast you learn is up to you. If you take the time to get in the desert with God, you will learn a lot, and a lot faster you will learn. The more you spend time in prayer and reading your Bible, the faster you will learn the ways of the Master, Jesus. So, lets ALL go back to school with the kids this year. Get in the desert with God. You will be glad you did!

It is good to be your pastor!

In The Lord’s service till the last fish is caught, <><

Pastor Chris

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