Ignite the Movement Again

Luke 19:10 tells us:  “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”  What a powerful statement. Jesus was solidly focused on his purpose.

In Jesus’ day, the religious leaders in the culture were the Pharisees…the so called “respectable” people.  When the Pharisee’s began to talk about Jesus, well let’s call it what it was…they began to gossip about Jesus. And to be honest, it really was scandalous what Jesus was doing. Jesus had intentionally decided to hang out with sinners…like Zacchaeus. How does Jesus respond to his critics? Well, he clearly articulates his mission ­­– “I came to save those who need saving.” Now, the fact that Jesus’ mission was so religiously criminal is an indicator of just how far the Israelites had drifted from being a world changing movement.

Most churches start out as a movement led by a risk-taker or takers.  Let’s face it…Starting a church is no easy task. (By the way, CIA still has one active charter member…Do you know who she is?) In both physics and in nature over time things slow down unless you work against it.  The natural drift is for a movement to become a museum, led by a caretaker. If left unchecked, a museum will eventually become a mausoleum, led by an undertaker. I fear that many American churches have subtly and slowly followed this trajectory.  Satan works daily for this to happen.

Here’s the main point: Jesus launched a movement, and we get to continue to be that movement in this present age… if we really work at it.  There is no easy solution.  I wish there was a simple 3-step process I could share with you to catch more fire in a church.  There are so many forces involved including spiritual war.  Our mission statement is to celebrate, connect, and care.  If you have any input on how we can celebrate more, connect better, and care more please talk to me or one of the deacons.   It is hard work… and there may be risk involved in what we do.

Someone once said, “To love is to risk, not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure. But risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

Let us start thinking outside the box more about how we can reach out and think about how you can help.  Let us embrace more of that same risk that our charter members had many years ago.  If God is in it, it won’t fail.  Let’s get fired up!

It is good to be your pastor!

In the Lord’s service till the last fish is caught, <><

Pastor Chris

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