Reverend Christopher Lister

Pastor Chris

I cannot remember a time in my life when I didnít feel God calling me to become a pastor. Despite that feeling, I kept fighting GodÖdoing what I wanted and not what God wanted. I graduated from Eastern University with a double major in computer science and business administration. Then I spent 25 years working in corporate finance management for several fortune 100 companies such as General Motors, Tyco, and American Meter Corp. Through this whole time period God continued to call me to ministry. I had a good sense of what was involved because my father was an ordained American Baptist pastor. During every dinner while I was growing up the conversation centered on the church. Finally, in 2010 I said yes to God and enrolled at Palmer Theological Seminary, The Seminary of Eastern University. I completed my Master of Divinity degree in 2014 and was subsequently ordained.

Maybe it is the practical businessman in me that makes me want to show others how the Bible's wisdom applies to all of life. Maybe it is the musician in me that wants to touch the listener's heart deeply with each sermon I preach. God has touched my heart, and my hope is that when I preach everyone would leave the worship service changed with a better understanding of the Bible, a deeper love for Jesus, and a desire to express that love through service. I have a profound desire to direct people in reaching out to our community to spread the whole Gospel. We must build relationships in the community. We must understand that the church is a hospital which reaches out to the sick. We must love everyone, including those who are hard to love!

Church is so much more than a couple of hours on Sunday morning. The caring and fellowship that was part of the early church in Acts needs to be realized today. Without relationships a church is just a pile of bricks. When we develop ways to nurture relationships both inside and outside the church, these relationships become the mortar that cements together the bricks that make a church. My desire is to be a servant leader for the Church in becoming a brighter light to its community, and the world. I warmly welcome you to become a part of what we are trying to do here at Church In The Acres.

In The Lordís service till the last fish is caught,
-Pastor Chris

CIA sermon delivered on August 28th traditional service.
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